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How Patent Lock Works



Patent Lock Provisional Patent Application


  1. First sign up to our secure login.  Your login id and password will allow you to save information you have written and come back to finish it.  We do recommend however, you always keep a back up of the information. 


  1. Then simply complete the patent questionnaire and refer to the "help" icons or our Inventors Resource for any questions.  Once the questionnaire is complete and you have reviewed your final answers, you will agree to the Attorney Client Agreement and pay the retainer fee. 


  1. Your application will then be reviewed by Cohen IP Law Group, P.C.  Because we are a real law firm and not simply a filing service, the attorney client privilege will apply and all information will remain strictly confidential and privileged.  No non-attorney filing service can assure you of this, and if they do it is false information.


  1. After the application is reviewed, we will send you appropriate finalized forms that must be signed by the inventor or assignee.  Thereafter, we will quickly file your provisional patent application and your application will have "patent pending" status.  We will then forward you our confirmation letter, which has your provisional patent application serial number as issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


  1. Cohen IP Law Group, P.C. will remain as your attorney of record.  You will have twelve (12) months to file a nonprovisional patent application known as an utility patent application in order to gain benefit of the early filing date of the provisional patent application.  If the utility patent application is not filed, the provisional patent application will become abandoned after twelve months. 



Patent Lock Utility Patent Application


  1. Utility patent applications can be filed first or after a provisional patent application is filed.  In order to draft a sufficiently thorough utility patent application you must contact our office first to discuss it with our attorney.  Ultimately, we will need a thorough written description of how your invention works and what it does.  Please be prepared to provide that to us.  If you are not sure what to send us, don't worry, we will walk you through what is required so that we can draft a strong patent application for you.


  1. Following your retention of us, you will need to provide us with a thorough written description of how the invention works, the elements of the invention, and how the elements relate to one another.  We will then proceed to draft the patent application and appropriate drawings.   Unlike other services or law firms, our firm does not place a limit on drawings nor will we charge you any additional fees for drawings.  On average completing your patent will take approximately one month.  Thereafter, we will file your application and will remain the attorney of record to provide you with updates regarding its status and to notify you when it issues.


  1. Remember, as your attorney, all communications regarding your invention will remain confidential and be privileged under the attorney-client relationship (note that non-attorney services cannot provide this special attorney client confidentiality).


Patent Lock Patent Search


  1. Our patent search service also allows our client to login so that their information can be saved for a later time.  Again, we recommend a backup of this information be saved locally to your computer just as a precaution.  You simply need to answer the questions to the patent search questionnaire.  The information should be as thorough as possible so that we can provide you a more detailed quality search. 


  1. After you have completed the questionnaire and paid the retainer fee, we will commence the search and provide you with a patent search letter written by an attorney.  Following the completion of the search and your receipt of the letter, Mr. Cohen will personally discuss the search results with you on the telephone in greater detail.  The search results will provide information to the client to help them decide if they should move forward with a utility patent application.   Again, the attorney client confidentiality will apply to the patent search as well.


Patent Lock Trademark Application


  1. Our trademark service allows you to quickly file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by simply filling out the form on our site.  If you are confused as to what to fill out, please refer to the help icons or our Inventor Resource, or call our office.


Patent Lock Trademark Search


  1. Our trademark search provides you with a comprehensive U.S. trademark search which includes a federal, state, common law, and domain name searches.  The search results are followed by a personal telephone consultation with Mr. Cohen to explain the search results.